Just like you get an annual health check or get your car checked yearly, you need to get your finances checked annually. Here’s why it’s important to do an annual review of your finances with your broker:

  • Things often change, and over a year some things most likely have changed. Perhaps you have a baby on the way, you have gone down to part time, you have received a pay rise … Life is fluid, and it’s important to make sure your loan still meets the changes of your life.
  • Your goal may have changed. Often when you buy your first home you are using that house as a stepping stone. Perhaps you have seen a house pop up down the road that’s better suited for your family. Or maybe you want to build your property portfolio. Whatever your goals are, we need to tailor your loans accordingly.
  • Ensuring you are still getting the best deal. Cashback, interest rates, and product offers from banks change all the time. An annual review will ensure that we know if there are new products that are better suited for your goals and objectives.


Everything shared in this blog post is general financial advice. For financial advice tailored to you, please book a kōrero with us.