We understand that it might be a bit overwhelming and time consuming to provide us with all the documents we need. You might be wondering if it’s really necessary, and yes it is. Banks are heavily regulated and all banks have to adhere to a strict set of criteria. We apologise in advance as we know it can be a lot of paperwork. Here’s why it’s important that we get this stage right:


    • We are more likely to get the deal approved: When we supply all the documents upfront it allows us to build a really good story and understanding for the bank which in return makes it far easier for the bank and far more likely that the deal gets approved.
    • Time: The more documents we provide the bank with, and the more information we disclose upfront, the quicker it’s going to be for the bank to approve the deal. Often we will have what is called a ‘missing information request’, which is where the bank comes back and asks for more information. As you can imagine, this slows the process down as we now need to get these documents from you and then supply them to the bank so they can rework the deal. This can easily slow down the process by days or even weeks.
  • Full picture: It is not only banks that are heavily regulated, so are financial advisors. Often when we look at your documents in accordance with our kōrero we can give you a full picture of what the best solution is for you. This makes our recommendation much more powerful.



Everything shared in this blog post is general financial advice. For financial advice tailored to you, please book a kōrero with us.