Congratulations! You have met all your conditions and it’s the last week before you move into your brand new home. Here’s what’s going to happen on the week of settlement and on the day of settlement:


    • Sign documents: You need to sign your loan documents with your solicitor. On the week of settlement or before your solicitor should have received documents from the bank. This is essentially your legal contract with the bank and details your interest rate etc. These documents have to be signed with your solicitor. The earlier you send them to the bank, the better. Your documents will be one of the first ones to be processed on settlement day if you sent them back early.
  • Insurance: Make sure you have insurance covering the house. 
  • Available cash funds: Make sure your cash funds are available if you put cash in. Usually, this is sent to the solicitor a day before so the solicitor can work with it on settlement. Make sure your KiwiSaver funds are accessible as well if you are using your KiwiSaver.
  • Moving truck: If you have a moving truck, have it be lined up there in the afternoon as the bank has up to 3PM on the day of settlement.
  • On settlement day: As mentioned, the bank has until 3PM on settlement day to process the transaction. What time it gets processed depends on multiple factors. Once the transaction has been processed you will receive the keys and at that time you can crack open a bottle of bubbly. 

If you have any problems at settlement, reach out to us so we can help you.


Everything shared in this blog post is general financial advice. For financial advice tailored to you, please book a kōrero with us.