Where to buy now that Tauranga is too expensive? This question is extremely hard to answer because its different for everybody. It all depends on what you want out of a house and what your long-term goals are. If the goal is too live in a place and do it up as a first home buyer.

You would look in old towns like Waihi, Paeroa, Opotiki. Places where you can get houses at affordable prices that need a little work to become modern. If the goal is too live as close to work but not pay the full prices of Tauranga you could look to places like Te puke, Matata or Katikati. Therefore because it is all subjective, I am going to comment on a few towns that I think are close to Tauranga that are good buys and give you my reasons on why I think that.


I have to give the hometown a shout out, so it was always going to be first. But seriously I think Waihi as a town has come a long way and the property market there is looked at a little differently.

It’s still a town that is rich with mining culture but its no longer fully reliant on it. The town has for many generations been linked to the mine and the idea of its closure collapsing the town. I think those thoughts are no longer as strong as they used to be. The area is central to many key cities making it the perfect satellite town to buy cheaper and travel to mahi. Waihi in my eyes at the moment is a fair buy.

Entry level is now around the 550k to 600k mark. This is a fair price considering how central Waihi is to everything. It also helps that the beach is only 5 mins drive


I like the town Opotiki. I think its reputation from previous days often stain the name of this town and its potential. The local outlook for Aquaculture is positive. Both the government and the Iwi are putting a lot of money into the mussel farms, and I think that this is going to have a big benefit for the town long term. It is going to create employment and in return reduce poverty. 

Housing is still affordable at entry level of 400k. You find the right property here you will be able to get something subdividable giving you options for the future.