Often at times you can get a better mortgage deal with another bank as you will be a new customer. We will help you get the best deal and make sure that the new bank is a good fit for you and it is going to work with you to achieve everything that you want to achieve.

The process of working with us

Meet and have a korero
The first thing to do when you want to refinance your loan is to make sure that it is going to suit your future goals and that it is going to save you money in the long run. We will meet and have a discussion around what is important to you and what your future looks like. We will then make some recommendations on the best way to achieve this. We will go to the banks and get them all to make the best offer to win your business.

This is where you make the decision if you want to switch banks based on our recommendations. If you decide to go ahead we will get you booked into the bank to get you all set up as a customer. They will also set you up with internet banking so you walk out ready to go. Documents will then be sent to the solicitor for you to sign.

Once the documents are signed, the solicitor will set a date to switch the mortgage. This will all happen between the solicitor, the bank and us. We will make sure that it is as easy as possible for you. You will then start with your new mortgage that is tailored to your goals and will be saving you money from day 1. It’s important that we meet yearly to make sure that your mortgage remains current and you are still on track to achieve your goals. We will remind you when it is time to catch up and have a korero. The coffee is on us.


The banks will pay us. Meaning that this is a free service for you. We will ensure that the banks compete for your business to give you the best deal available at the time. We will provide the exact numbers in my disclosure statement when we meet.

Everyone is different but most times it is beneficial to switch banks or restructure your loan. Banks will mostly have a given you a mortgage that is very general and is not tailored to your needs or goals. Banks have also traditionally favoured new customers over existing and will give us cash to go with them and become extremely competitive.

Not necessarily, banks understand that they make most of their money through the mortgage. We can approach banks for an offer of just the home loan only. Meaning you do not have to switch all those direct debits and automatic payments. Making it nice and easy for you.

This is a cash offer that a bank will make to win your business, this changes all the time with different banks so we will go to the market at the time and get you the best offer on the market. At times, they may pay thousands to win your business. This is a cash payment into your personal account. Who doesn’t like cash!

In most cases if you are going through a mortgage adviser we will be able to get you a discount on the advertised rate. Again saving you money in the long run. It is our job to have those awkward “can I have a discount” conversations with the bank on your behalf.

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