Here are the steps involved in withdrawing your KiwiSaver to purchase your first home.

  • First home withdrawal letter: The very first thing you need is to get your first home withdrawal letter. You can get this at any time from your provider. The first home withdrawal letter will tell you how much you have available for your first home. It’s important to mention that there always needs to be 1,000 NZD left in your KiwiSaver. It’s also important to mention that if you brought your Super home from Aussie, that can’t be used for your first home in New Zealand.
  • First home buyer application form: This form needs to be completed with your solicitor
  • Submit application. Your solicitor will submit the application once you have an offer accepted on a house conditionally. Once the provider comes back and says everything is approved, your KiwiSaver can be used.
  • Deposit or settlement. The last step is deciding whether to use your KiwiSaver as a part of your deposit or at settlement. Ideally, KiwiSaver is used at settlement, but sometimes it needs to be used as a part of your cash deposit when going unconditional.


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