About Us

Louis Namana started The Mortgage Whānau after 9 years with one of the major banks. He has always had a passion for people and whānau wellbeing and felt that at times the banks are only after profit. Our focus is to help whānau for generations. We understand how important home ownership is for families and we want to play our role in helping as many whānau as we can.

Keeping it simple

We understand that getting a mortgage can be a complex process, so we make it easy and simple. We give advice in a holistic way so that you can understand how your investment will benefit your hauora/wellbeing.

Our service is free

The best part is that our services are free! Our role is to negotiate with the banks on your behalf and find you the best deal available at the time. The banks pay for our service because we can bring them customers, meaning there is no cost to you. Just the way it should be.

In it for the long haul

We will be with your whānau for life and we will catch up every year to see where you are at and continue to help you reach your dreams and goals.

Our Values

Te pono me ti tika
Being genuine and authentic

The promise that everything we do is for the right reasons. We give advice in a way that is real and true, always with people first.

Easy and simple

We give advice in a simple but effective way making it easy for everyone to get into a home. We strive to make things as easy as possible.


 We do things for the whole and always looking at the bigger picture. We understand that everything is connected and what we do now has effects that can last generations.

Meet Louis

My passion is people and has always been people. I want to see everyone do well and understand how important financial security is for families. I come from a large whānau and I was whangai to my aunty and uncle. We did not have a lot of money and I have seen the impacts that can have on whānau and how it can limit our potential and opportunities.

This set me up well for my career. It gave me the ability to bring a different perspective to banking and owning a whare. A house is a symbol of opportunity and when you purchase a house with the right advice it can guarantee your whānau opportunities for life. Money isn’t everything, but it is a foundation to be able to live in the modern world.

I combine my 9 year’s banking experience with my culture and values of helping as many whānau as I can and play my part in kotahitanga, the interconnectedness of life.

Tihei mauri ora

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Our difference

Our point of difference is simply that we care. The banks and big mortgage advice companies are so focused on numbers and profits they forget that there are people and whānau behind the numbers. We guarantee to make it easy for you and also not to just leave you out in the cold once you have brought a house. We will stay in contact as you continue on this journey, giving ongoing advice in a holistic way that benefits your overall hauora.

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